Come to the wonderful town of Nainital, the enchanting paradise lake city that lies amidst the mighty Himalayas is a world famous hill resort that captivates every bit of you, leaves you completely spellbound and thirsting for more. 'Lake City' of India, 'Lake Paradise' of India or the 'Lake District' of India, all these names justify every persona of this tourist Lake Destination that nestles in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas in Uttaranchal. Its Characteristics can be compared with the beautiful Dal Lake of Kashmir; however, Nainital is naturally sprinkled with many smaller lakes all over which includes the 'Naini Lake', 'BhimTal', 'SaatTal' also spelled as 'Sattal', 'NaukuchiaTal' and 'KhurpaTal' which have recently developed themselves to offer tourist more holiday splendour and activities like boating, canoeing, yachting and more.

Nainital is also known as the best hill resort of India that beckons tourist to visit here all-year-round to witness its striking and photogenic natural beauty from across the globe though springtime, summers and autumns form the peak seasons and finding accommodation can be difficult unless you book in advance. It offers a panoramic view of the snow capped Himalayas perched at a height of 1938 mts above sea level dressed with lush green forests that has a host of vibrant Flora and Fauna. You can take a leisure walk over the lake bridge connecting 'Mallital', the northern and upper end and 'Tallital', the southern and lower end dividing the district into two parts or alternatively you can enjoy a pony ride through the tall Pine Trees surrounding the area.

The most famous amongst the Lakes in Nainital is the Naini Lake from where this town inherits its name with a circumference of about 2 miles and almost 28 mts deep cocooned within seven hills known as 'Sapta-Shring' namely, Naini Peak or Cheena Peak at 2611 mts, Laria Kanta [named after a Goddess] at 2481 mts, Deopatta [Camel's Hump] at 2273 mts, Alma Peak [Snow View] at 2270 mts, Aryapatta [Complete Blackout] at 2235 mts, Sher-Ka-Danda [Tiger Ridge] at 2217 mts and Handi-Bandi [Devil's Laughter that can actually be heard from here] at 2139 mts. From an aerial view, Naini Lake looks like the Green Emerald eye of Nainital and is almost pear-shaped encircled with many small cottages, shops, restaurants and hotels. The lights at night add more glamour and give the Lake an ethereal look of a sparkling gem necklace worn by the Himalayan ranges.

Nainital was once covered with thick and dense forests before it was converted into a holiday destination before 1839 and mainly inhabited by Tribal people of the Kumaoni race. It was initially developed as the summer retreat for the British and post independence became the summer destination of work from April to October of the Uttar Pradesh State Government; however the State Government ceased its function in 1963 and the Secretariat got converted into a High Court of this District.

Nainital as a perfect Hill Station resort is a magnet for Nature lovers, Adventure seekers, Honeymooners, Family getaways and holidays or just a quiet weekend breaks for people from adjacent cities aching for recluse from the loudness of the city and a busy scheduled lifestyle. The drive from New Delhi on NH-24 and turning to arrive on NH-74 covers a distance of 277 km to 350 km depending on your starting point and can take from 5 to 9 hours to reach; however, you can travel by train from your respective cities and stop at Kathgodam Railhead which is 35 km away from Nainital.